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Emergency Back-Up Systems


The Oxy-Lifeline® is an Emergency Back-Up Oxygen System that is primarily used for a hospitals Oxygen System. It is a rapidly deployable system that can supply your facility with uninterrupted service by taking advantage of gas supplies that you already have on site. Oxy-Lifeline® “Patent # 8,141,571 (Utility Patent)”

The Oxy-Lifeline® will allow your facility to operate as normal in an emergency without straining available manpower by having to relocate patients, or rely on suppliers with portable tanks that maybe hours away.

If the underground line that connects the Bulk Oxygen Tank to the hospital were to suffer damage due to a construction mishap, terrorist act or natural disaster the Oxygen would not be able to supply the hospital at all. This is when the Oxy-Lifeline® would be deployed.

The Oxy-Lifeline® can be deployed in minutes by 1-2 personnel. It can supply uninterrupted service while repairs are made to your main line.

Joint Commission and NFPA require that all health care facilities have a plan to cope with the complete loss of any medical gas system.

  • NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities 2005 Edition
    Chapter 9-Gas Equipment
    Paragraph Policies for enforcement shall include the following:

    (4) The capability and resources of the organization to cope with a complete loss of any medical gas system.

  • Chapter 12-Health Care Emergency Management
    Paragraph Continuity of Essential Building Systems
    When designated by the emergency operations plan to provide continuous service in a disaster or emergency, health care facilities shall establish contingency plans for continuity of essential building systems, as applicable:

    (6) Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems (if applicable)


The Oxy-Lifeline® helps to meet these requirements as detailed in the
Joint Commission Environment of Care News (Jan 2010)

Most facilities are under the assumption that their bulk oxygen supplier would have a truck available with gaseous oxygen to connect to their building through the emergency low pressure inlet if a breach were to occur in the main. However this is not realistic and most suppliers do not have that capability. If they did it would take a considerable amount of time to get the truck to the facility to be able to supply the oxygen.

Click here to read a letter from a Southern California hospital that needed a truck.

The Oxy-Lifeline® can also be used for:

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