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Planned Construction Shutdown

The Oxy-Lifeline® is the perfect tool for hospitals that are undergoing construction or need to make a repair to their underground mainline for their Oxygen Systems. The Oxy-Lifeline® provides an above ground alternate route for the oxygen which allows the underground piping to be repaired or modified.

Oxy-Lifeline®  “Patent # 8,141,571 (Utility Patent)”


  • Rapidly Deployable by 1-2 personnel
  • Utilizes on-site Oxygen Source
  • No need to bring in a Truck, Tank or Additional Gas Supplies
  • Can be used for an extended period of time without continuous monitoring and support

The Oxy-Lifeline® was recently used by a hospital in San Diego that needed to repair a 3” valve that was leaking, 6 weeks after this repair was completed they employed the Oxy-Lifeline® again to provide Oxygen to two separate buildings while a 70’ section of mainline was replaced.

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The Oxy-Lifeline can also be used for:

* Emergency Oxygen Backup System.
* Mass Casualty or Alternate Care Sites Oxygen Distribution.