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Mass Casualty System

It is no longer a question of “if”, but “when”. Healthcare and emergency response organizations must prepare for disasters and mass casualty events. As shown by the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and predictions of natural emergencies such as the avian flu pandemic, tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes victims and patients ranging from infant to adult could number in the thousands – and studies routinely predict shortages in equipment and consumables.   Oxy-Lifeline®  “Patent # 8,141,571 (Utility Patent)”

Organizations must:

  1. Plan and stockpile for surge demands
  2. Respond effectively upon occurrence (have an Emergency Plan that is functional with short notice)
  3. Ensure continuity and recovery of Life Support Systems (Oxygen)

The Oxy-Lifeline® is the perfect solution to be able to feed oxygen from the bulk oxygen tank to the Mass Casualty Site. Using the custom built Interface for Patient Connection Block and the Oxy-Lifeline® the facility will be able to rapidly provide oxygen to the patients for an extended period of time without the burden of changing out empty cylinders.

The Oxy-Lifeline® can be used simultaneously for Mass Casualty and supplying the facility should an emergency need arise. See page 6 & 7 of our Color Brochure

Funds may be available from Federal, State, Foundation and even Corporate Sources. Consider contacting local Health Departments for funding opportunities or contact the nearest Metropolitan Medical Response System office.

The web sites listed below name organizations providing preparedness funding, assistance in researching and finding grants, sources of information regarding a variety of emergency situations (chemical, biological, nuclear, pandemic) and sources of training for managing emergency and disaster situations.

The Oxy-Lifeline can also be used for:


Sources of Grant Funds:

Emergency Preparedness Information Sources: