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O2NE+ Oxygen Depletion Monitor


Analox Sensor Technology


The O2NE+ is a simple to use and maintain ambient oxygen room depletion alarm. This monitor and sensor is ideal for monitoring oxygen levels where inert gases such as N2, Ar or He pose a risk of depleting O2 levels in ambient air.

It comprises of a wall mounted main sensor unit and a repeater. It is ranged from 0 to 25% O2 and has 2 audio/visual alarms. The sensor is long life and calibration adjustment is only required once the unit is initially installed and following a cell replacement and can be achieved using certified air*. We recommend a proof test is carried out every 12 months. The instrument uses an electrochemical cell together with state of the art technology, built in an IP65 splash proof housing and is designed to provide long, trouble free service, with minimum maintenance. The O2NE+ has two pre-set alarm levels at 19.5% and 18% O2. The oxygen sensor used is not cross sensitive to helium so will measure correctly in the presence of a helium atmosphere. This means that the sensor can be safely used to detect oxygen displacement by helium gas leaks. The O2NE+ is installed in areas where an inert gas is being used or stored to provide a warning should the oxygen levels deteriorate to an unsafe level. The repeater is located at the entrance to the room, highlighting the danger to personnel before they enter.

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Key Features:

  • Long-life O2 sensor
  • User changeable sensor
  • Calibration adjustment of the O2NE+ can be completed using ‘pure air’
  • Repeater included
  • Not cross sensitive to He