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Oxy-Lifeline® is a life-saving measure employed by hospitals and other facilities that require an uninterrupted flow of oxygen in an emergency. Using gas supplies already onsite, Oxy-Lifeline® quickly restores oxygen to area surroundings in an average of twenty minutes. Oxy-Lifeline® can be used in a variety of ways by healthcare organizations, the construction industry, and more:

  • Emergency Back-Up System: Oxy-Lifeline® deploys quickly, allowing medical personnel to attend to other duties during an emergency interruption of oxygen.
  • Mass Casualty System: Emergency response teams and hospitals can keep an Oxy-Lifeline® at the ready in the event of a mass casualty or natural disaster.
  • Planned Construction Shutdown: Planned maintenance of underground piping can cause oxygen interruption in hospitals. The Oxy-Lifeline® provides an alternate, above-ground route for oxygen vessels during construction.

Oxy-Lifeline® requires minimal personnel in order to deploy; generally only one to two people are required to put the system into use. Oxygen is provided continuously without constant monitoring of the system, freeing up personnel to resume their regular routines. Because the Oxy-Lifeline® uses an existing oxygen source, additional equipment does not need to be carried into a busy hospital, disaster zone, or construction site.

oxylifeline-1Emergency Back-Up Systems
Rapidly deployable system that can supply your facility with uninterrupted service.

oxylifeline-2Mass Casualty System
Feed oxygen from the bulk oxygen tank to the Mass Casualty Site.

oxylifeline-3Planned Construction Shutdown
Perfect tool for hospitals that are undergoing construction or need to make a repair to their underground mainline.