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Allied Pressurized Gas Control Panels


  • Inlet and outlet pressure gauges 0-300 psig (0 kPa-2067 kPa)
  • 180 psi maximum working pressure
  • Flows to 27 cfm (764 lpm) at 150 psig (1035 kPa)
  • Quarter-turn shutoff valve
  • Remote outlet capability
  • UL Listed
  • Adjusts for plaster variations to 3/4″


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Pressurized Gas Control Panel shall be designed to deliver variable pressures to power pneumatic surgical tools. The unit shall have inlet supply gauge, 0-300 psig (0 kPa to 2067 kPa) to indicate the supply line pressure.

Located immediately upstream of this gauge shall be a supply line shut off valve, rated at not less than 250 psig (1722.5 kPa) pressure. A quarter turn of the valve handle shall be required to obtain a fully open or closed position.

An adjustable relieving type pressure regulator with an operating range of 0-250 psig (O kPa to 17.55 kPa) shall provide required pressure to the gas service outlet.

There shall be an outlet supply gauge, 0-300 psig (0 kPa to 2067 kPa) to give indication of the outlet pressure being supplied to the outlet(s). The pressurized control panel shall be pre-piped internally, requiring only external supply line connection(s).

Additional outlets in the same room may be connected to the remote outlet pigtail furnished in the control panel. Remote outlets shall be regulated by the adjustable pressure regulator within the panel and shall match the pressurized control panel outlet.