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Amico Heavy Duty Manifold Shuttle Valve NEMA 4


  • Fully automatic self-contained shuttle-valve with no electrical power required for switching
  • Input power 110 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ
  • Microprocessor based control panel incorporates six LED’s and illuminated LED display readable even in poor lighting conditions
  • Units of measure switchable (psi/kPa/BAR)
  • Two limit switches for positive indication of bank in use
  • CGA gas speciific header bar with integral check valves and cylinder pigtail assemblies (to be ordered separately)
  • Dual line pressure regulators
  • 3/4” isolation valve for supply line
  • Manifold complies with NFPA-99
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General Specifications:
The Nema-4 Digital Medical Gas Manifold shall be an Amico Alert-2 Heavy Duty series. This manifold shall also include a five-year warranty which warrants a defect free product.

The Manifold shall be a digital, fully automatic type and shall switch from “Bank in Use” to “Reserve” bank without fluctuation in delivery supply line pressure and without the need for external power. After the switch-over, the “Reserve” bank shall then become the “Bank in Use” and the “Bank in Use” shall become the “Reserve” bank. The manifold will be powered by a microprocessor located behind the front door panel. The unit will be compact, measuring 20”high x 24”wide x 9 1/2”deep.

The control panel incorporates three large, red, illuminated LED displays for the Left Bank, the Right Bank and for the Supply Pressure. The control panel also uses six LED’s, two Green for “Bank in Use”, two Amber for “Bank Ready” and two Red for “Bank Empty”.

  • The manifold shall be equipped with a 3/4” outlet shutoff valve. The valve comes complete with a 3/4” type “K” 6-3/4” [172 mm] long pipe extension and 1/8” port for an optional pressure switch.
  • The header bars shall be equipped with emergency high pressure shuto# valves outside the cabinet to allow for emergency isolation of the header bars. The header bar shall incorporate integral check valves for each station. The manifold shall be equipped with limit switches and pressure transducers for indication and for operation of the fail-safe relay which transmits a remote Normally Closed signal to the master medical gas alarm.
  • The header bar comes with universal mounting brackets to be mounted direct or with a 12” wall spacing when the optional wall mounting bracket is used. The header bar mounting brackets are only supplied with more than 10 cylinders, for a staggered header bar, and more than 4 cylinders for a straight header bar.
  • All manifold regulators, piping and control switching equipment shall be cleaned for oxygen service and installed inside the cabinet to minimize tampering with the regulators or switch settings.
  • The 14 gauge hot rolled steel enclosure shall have outstanding chemical & temperature resistance qualities & exhibit excellent weather ability & physical properties. The NEMA-4 is for outdoor use, designed to provide protection against dust, dirt, oil and water. Optional heaters are available for N2O and CO2 manifolds.
  • The Manifold shall include two pressure relief valves, one high pressure 225 psi [1,551 kPa] and one low pressure 75 psi [517 kPa] for all gases except Nitrogen. Nitrogen has one high pressure relief valve at 375 psi [2,413 kPa] and one low pressure at 225 psi [1,551 kPa].
  • The NEMA-4 manifold meets NFPA recommendations of the central supply system’s manufacturer for the prevention of a temperature rating lower than -7oC (20oF) or greater than 54oC (130oF).
  • The Manifold is UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.