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Amico Universal Remote Alarm Buzzer


The Amico Remote Alarm Buzzer can be used in the following separate functions:

  • A device sending a dry contact signal
  • An Amico Alert-2 area or master alarm
  • An Alert-2 manifold bank switch-over occurs
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General Specifications:

The Amico Universal Remote Alarm Buzzer will provide the user with the ability to receive an audible alarm, and a visual alarm from a remote dry contact signal. If an alarm condition occurs, the “RED” alarm LED shall flash and the audible alarm will sound. Pushing the “ALARM SILENCE” button will cancel the audible alarm, but the unit will remain in the visual alarm condition until the problem is rectified.

The Amico M2-REM-AL-NEMA, M2-REM-AL-N2 and M2-REM-AL-POW includes a built in power supply that accepts 110 VAC to 240 VAC (50 to 60 Hz) as the input voltage. The output voltage is 12 VDC.

The M2-REM-AL-WALL and M2-REM-AL-SURF, if used with an Amico Alert-2 Manifold or Alarm, does not require a power supply if the distance between the Universal Remote Buzzer and the Manifold or Alarm is less than 60 ft. If the distance is greater than 60 ft, an external power supply (A2P-POWER-CONV) or a 12 VDC voltage is required.