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Amico Computer Interface Module


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General Specifications:

The Computer Interface Module shall be complete with a five year warranty.

The Computer Interface Module shall be designed for the Amico Alert-2 Master Module (A2P-MAST-E-AME).

This module shall be a piggyback board that fits on top of the master status module.

This module shall plug into the status module via a connector, located at the bottom of the status module. There are three mounting screws provided to secure this module to the status module. This module shall also provide 10 dry contact signals for interfacing to a “Building Management System.” It is “Fail-Safe,” and provides closed circuit monitoring.

The factory default of this module is “Normally Closed” as per NFPA 99 and CSA Z7396.1 standards. The output for the dry contact signal is “Normally Closed” and for an alarm is “Normally Open.”

The interface module detects field devices in the “Normally Closed” or “Normally Open” position in order to move the jumper (J1-J10). The output rating is 30 VDC for 1 Amps., 60 VDC for 0.3 Amps., and 125 VAC for 0.5 Amps.

The minimum cable requirement for this module is a #22 gauge wire, which does not have to be a shielded, twisted pair. The maximum distance shall be 10,000 ft. [3,000 m].

NOTE: The computer interface module is not compatible with the 2 in 1 board. The Computer interface module is compatible with Version 3 and 4 Master Alarm modules.