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Allied Emergency Oxygen Connection Box Assembly


  • Built-in shut-off valve
  • Includes gauge for pressure verification
  • Includes pre-set pressure relief valve (set at 80 psi)
  • Available in two pipe sizes – 3/4″ and 1-1/4″
  • Available in two mounting styles – Surface and Recessed
  • Safety door remains open during use
  • NEMA 3R or NEMA 12 rated box
  • Provision for padlock


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The Chemetron® Emergency Oxygen Connection Box shall be used as a temporary connection for oxygen during an emergency situation. The completed box shall incorporate a shutoff ball valve for controlling access to the main oxygen supply line. Also included is a pressure relief valve, pre-set at 80 psi, to be installed directly downstream from the shutoff valve to protect the piping system from exposure to excessive pressure. An internal 0 -100 psi pressure gauge shall be installed within the box to verify delivery pressure to the system. Surface-mounted connection box shall be housed in a NEMA 3R rainproof cabinet. Flush-mounted connection box shall be housed in a NEMA 12 cabinet. Each connection box shall have provisions for a padlock to prevent tampering and unauthorized access.

Each Emergency Oxygen Connection Box shall require, as separate items, two check valves of appropriate size, one located in the main line between the main shutoff valve and the tied-in connection, and one between the tied-in connection and the emergency supply shutoff valve. This is per NFPA 99 “Emergency Low Pressure Gaseous Oxygen Inlet.”

Check valves are to be installed in the emergency low pressure gaseous oxygen supply line where indicated, per NFPA 99. Check valves are cleaned for oxygen use, are cast bronze body, with straight-through design for minimum pressure drop. The check valve shall have a positive seal with a self-aligning ball-type check, with a spring-loaded flapper mating with a cone seat. Ball check will be vibration free and fastacting for silent operation. Check valves must be ordered separately.

Boxes shall be Chemetron model 77-81-30XX.