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Chemtron 4000 Series Automatic Switchover Manifold


  • Fully automatic shifting to reserve bank without fluctuating line pressure to the system
  • High flow capacity for hospitals or any other medical gas installation
  • Easy-to-read LED lights to indicate the status of the manifold
  • Gas continues to flow if primary power is interrupted; manifold returns to its previous stage when power is restored
  • Accepts 115 or 220 VAC
  • Complies with NFPA 99 requirements


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General Specifications:
The Chemetron® Series 4000 Medical Gas Manifold is fully automatic, including self-shifting to the reserve bank upon exhaustion of the service bank without interruption of gas delivery to the system. The unit complies with the requirements of NFPA99 “Health Care Facilities.”

The 4000 Series Manifold control unit includes dual line regulators, gas-specific cylinder connections, and a single-point power connection. Nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide units include pre-wired integral heaters. The control unit shall automatically switch to the reserve bank when the primary bank is depleted. When the depleted cylinders are replaced with full cylinders, the system shall automatically reset itself in preparation for the next bank change. The Primary side is the bank in use; the remaining side is the Reserve bank. This designation will automatically change from left to right and right to left as each bank is depleted and, in turn, refitted with full gas cylinders.

LED indicators shall display the status of each bank. Yellow indicates the Reserve bank, green indicates the Primary (in use) bank, and red indicates an empty cylinder bank. Replacing the depleted cylinders shall automatically reset the system, turning the LED indicator yellow. Dry contacts shall be included for connecting the “Reserve in Use” alarm to the facility’s master alarm panel/s.

The only manual activity required by the 4000 Series Manifold is the changing of the depleted cylinders.

The 4000 Series Manifold shall not require electrical power to operate (other than the heaters for nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide units). Electrical power is used only to light the LEDs, operate the changeover alarms, and operate the solenoids to ensure a smooth changeover. In the event of a power failure, the system shall continue to function, including changeover and reset.

Under normal operating conditions, the gas shall leave the high pressure cylinders through the pigtails into the header bars. The pigtails shall include check valves to allow the replacement of depleted cylinders without gas pressure back-flow into the remaining depleted cylinders on that bank. In the event a safety relief device on an individual cylinder should activate or a pigtail should leak excessively, the local check valve will also prevent loss of gas from the rest of the cylinders on that bank.